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Leopards Realm "Orion"

Orion is a stunning charcoal male. Which we were forunate to have Orion entrusted to us for care by Leopards Realm. Orion is a large and relaxed Bengal with friendly demeanor. He is producing some incredible kittens with various colors, shapes, patterns of Charcoal, Brown Spotted and Melanistic colors. Each kitten has Orion's Signature large Rosettes.

Allure Bengals "Oscar"

Oscar is an extremely rare solid mink snow bengal. He has bright blue eyes against a unique coat color, reminiscent of a Siamese Oscar gets along well with adults cats of both genders. We are just beginning to add him to our program and look foward to his offspring.

Allure Bengals "Valentino"

This is Allure's King of Hearts "Valentino". Valentino is one of the newest additions to our breeding program. He has significant charcoal coloring in his coat. Valentino really has very unique necklaces and superb contrast. He has the most amazing heart shaped spots, one on each side. Valentino has great type, contrast, and very unique color. He consistently produces kittens with amazing color and very unique heart shaped spots. We are very pleased to have Valentino as part of our breeding program.





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